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Spring cleanse: super smoothies

Rick Hay, Healthista nutritional director, offers his advice on creating nourishing, energising super smoothies and bowls.
Spring is the perfect time to try nourishing smoothies with a teaspoon or two of energising, alkalising, chlorophyll-rich super greens or plant-based protein powders such as hemp, pea or rice.

Super smoothies tend to be high in magnesium and B vitamins to support the nervous system and also have good levels of energy-producing iron and vitamin C. Vitamin C not only helps with immune system function, but it has the added benefit of helping with collagen production improving skin appearance as well.

With their array of enzymes, phytonutrients and essential fatty acids these colourful smoothies make excellent spring cleansers. The addition of the super green powders also promote healthy digestive function and further contribute to skin, hair and nail health.

These smoothies can assist with regularity and help the body with its natural detox and cleansing processes. Other bonuses are that they help to increase nutrient intake for those not achieving their five a day, help with energy production and may assist with weight management goals. A lift in mood and improvement in cognition may also be achieved.

Try one of these easy detox smoothie recipes for breakfast or lunch, or as a healthy mid-morning or mid-afternoon nutrient-dense snack option.

If adding in a serving of plant-based protein, the smoothies can be used as a meal replacement as they are packed full of amino acids and can help to feel fuller for longer.

Spirulina raspberry energy smoothie

One cup of raspberries
One teaspoon of linseeds
One teaspoon of cayenne or chilli
One date
One teaspoon of Spirulina powder
One serving of plant-based protein if desired
200 mls almond milk
Method: Blend all ingredients.
This super smoothie utilises cayenne or chilli to help boost fat burning and the pigments in the berries boost immunity and provide energy.
The addition of Spirulina provides extra B vitamin and Iion to aid energy production.

Blueberry cacao Super Greens’ smoothie

Two cups of blueberries
One cup of spinach
One teaspoon cacao
One serving of plant-based protein
200 mls hemp milk
One teaspoon of Super Greens powder
Method: Blend all ingredients.
Blue pigments from the berries help to boost immunity with the cacao providing free radical fighting antioxidants. This smoothie provides the turbo charging benefit of all four Super Greens
in one nutrient dense drink.

Wheatgrass sweet green smoothie

One small avocado
A handful of kale
200 mls coconut milk
Two prunes
One teaspoon of Wheatgrass powder
Method: Blend all ingredients.
Avocado is a great source of protein and fibre to help reduce cravings with the deep green pigments and added wheatgrass helping with detox and digestive function. The prunes further increase fibre levels to assist with cleansing
and satiety.
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Cleansing Chlorella green smoothie

One banana
Two figs
Handful of English spinach
200 mls rice milk
A handful of cashews
One teaspoon of Chlorella powder.
Method: Blend all ingredients.
The potassium, iron, vitamin C and magnesium in this cleansing smoothie help with energy production. The Chlorella powder aids heavy metal detoxification and the cashews are high in protein which helps with muscle strength, endurance and providing essential fatty acids
for skin health.

Barley grass and ginger blast

One beetroot
Handful of raspberries
Small piece of ginger
200 mls of coconut water
One teaspoon of Synergy Natural Barley Grass powder
Method: Blend all ingredients.
The barley grass provides extra energy boosting magnesium and iron, whilst the ginger soothes digestion and helps promote circulation. The beetroot and berries stimulate nitric oxide to help deliver a natural burst of energy when needed.

Energy super smoothie

One banana
Two dates, figs or prunes
Rice or almond milk
A handful of cashews.
One serving of plant-based protein
The potassium, iron, vitamin C and magnesium in this super smoothie help with energy production. These nutrients are also essential to help fight tiredness and fatigue. As this smoothie is rich in fibre, it helps with weight management and the slow release of energy so It is possible to train for longer. The cashews are high in protein which aids muscle strength and endurance and they provide essential fatty acids that help with cardio vascular health.

Rev up berry superfood bowl

Handful of English spinach
A few blueberries and strawberries
One banana
One teaspoon of chia seeds
100 mls of almond milk
A dollop of unsweetened Greek yoghurt
Half a sliced and peeled kiwi fruit
A few teaspoons of oats and granola if desired and some desiccated coconut
Method: Blend the almond milk, banana, spinach and pour into a small bowl. Top with the blueberries, sliced kiwi fruit, strawberries, oats and granola. Finish off with a dollop of yoghurt and some desiccated coconut.
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Antioxident powerhouse

A superfood bowl is a true nutrient-dense fuel, an antioxidant powerhouse that will really help boost immunity and aid recovery and tiredness after exercise. It’s a mini multi-vitamin/multi-mineral package in a bowl and is good for brain function and mood too.

For those looking for good organic super greens, I recommend Synergy Natural’s Organic Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass or Chlorella. The company also offers a super green blend available at many health food stores or at

My favourite protein powders are Sunwarrior Classic Plus or Warrior Blend.

I formulated a weight loss range for Healthista so, of course, its Lean Vegan Diet Protein is another that I recommend and is available in selected supermarkets, health food stores and online at

Find my Sixty Second Smoothie videos online at too – there are thirty of them, so lots of variety. See below for some starter smoothie suggestions: notice they are fruit and vegetable combinations to regulate blood sugar levels and consequently reduce cravings.

• Raspberry, blueberry, chia seeds, linseeds, cinnamon, date, coconut yoghurt and rice milk
• Avocado, spinach, date, prune, fig and coconut water
• Pineapple, banana, apple and coconut milk
• Banana, date, fig, kale, cashews and almond milk
• Beetroot, raspberry, blackberry, ginger and coconut water
• Raspberry, cacao, yoghurt, chia seeds, spinach and almond milk
• Mixed berries, oats, seeds, almonds, spinach and hemp milk
• Melon, pear, mango, pineapple, kale and coconut milk
• Pineapple, ginger, celery and coconut water
• Carrot, kiwi and coconut water
• Spinach, apple, pineapple and rice milk
• Carrot, apple, ginger and coconut water/milk
• Watermelon, cherry, beetroot, raspberry and water
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