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Lighting matters

A carefully planned lighting scheme can easily transform a home both inside and out writes Joanna Johns.
The expression ‘seen in a different light’ is part of the English language and expresses how varied things can look in differing conditions. The tone and intensity of light can alter the colours in a room. How often have you marveled at the way the same paint seemingly looks a completely different colour on one wall juxtaposed to another, something purely and simply down to the different light each receives.

Lighting is a perhaps the forgotten design tool at your disposal and shouldn’t be ignored. Nothing can quite change mood and ambience so quickly as lighting. Functional and hardworking its profound effect can bring an area to life and make it a more welcoming place to be. It can create the illusion of space, highlight architectural features, emphasise decorated and textured surfaces and create contrast. Lighting adds drama and can change the atmosphere in a room at the press of a button or flick of a switch.

All rooms require a variety of lighting, a combination of all the different types that are available: down lighting, up lighting, wall washing, feature lighting, colour and control. Used together and in a complimentary way it’s possible to build layers of light to provide an overall effect. A well-planned scheme can be adapted to differing light levels throughout the day and for changing needs.

The art of good lighting is to subtly make an area feel welcoming, good lighting systems stem from a thorough understanding of the light/shade balance.

Remember though that installing wiring and light fittings is subject to strict safety regulations, so always seek the advice and skill of a qualified professional.
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Professional portrait – The Lighting House

Great lighting is an integral part of a design or build project. You need the freedom to be creative, whilst keeping to your budget and timescales.

Working within the commercial and high-end residential sectors the Lighting House team offer a very personal service including:

A free of charge sourcing service Understanding clients are busy we save time assisting in the search for the correct lighting solutions including: searching manufacturers catalogues/website; contacting potential suppliers for information; if provided with an image or description we will find it!

Choice of lighting With a growing stable of over 400 manufacturers to choose from The Lighting House is a leading supplier of fittings from well-known and global brands. Constantly sourcing the latest innovations means offering clients an extended mix of internal and external fittings. On the books is a number of smaller, less known factory’s offering alternative styles. This plethora of choices to will satisfy the requirements of any project.

Competitive pricing Constantly researching the market ensures clients always obtain the best prices.

Bespoke lighting If looking for something of a more individual and unique nature in order to make a statement, supply us with a sketch or idea and we’ll work to provide a fitting that provides a special focus. A number of factory’s produce bespoke fittings in a variety of materials and finishes to meet any requirement.

Customer service Many years experience and a first class team mean any enquiry or order is handles smoothly, with one main contact to ensure continuity.
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The Lighting House clients include Accor, Radisson & Mercure Hotels, Tottenham Hotspur FC, and Marks & Spencer.
Contact Trudie Styles for more information.
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