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Disappearing Dawn Chorus A preparation for the 85th anniversary of Wild Birds Protection The Dawn Chorus is dwindling, and wild birds are rapidly declining in numbers; the planet may perhaps fall silent again.

This was a concern for Eric Parker (1870–1955), pioneer conservationist whose work helped push through the Wild Birds Protection Act that came into force in May 1934, 85 years ago next spring. Parker lived and worked in Surrey, near Godalming. Parker campaigned vigorously for legislation against the indiscriminate gathering of wild birds’ eggs, alongside hunting and other destructive activity. He talks about the period that led to the passing of the Wild Birds act in 1934 as ‘that year of blessed memory’. David Lewiston Sharpe is a composer and has worked with the Royal Philharmonic. David has set verses by Eric Parker which give sad, soulful expression to the plight of song birds – his Song of the Nightingale. The plan is to present the new song cycle, sung by astounding mezzo soprano Phoebe Haines, in a programme with the Royal Philharmonic alongside works by Elgar, Delius, Butterworth and Respighi – all inspired by the natural world. The concert will aid the work of scientific research and practical activity to promote work towards avian conservation. I invite essence readers to get in touch – please help to fund this concert and important conservation work.

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Birds on the Wire & the Waves
Wild Birds Protection – 85th Anniversary Concert,
Sunday, 12 May 2019, Cadogan Hall
Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra
Phoebe Haines (mezzo soprano)
David Lewiston Sharpe (conductor)
Programme: Lewiston Sharpe/Parker The Song of the Nightingale, Butterworth Banks of Green Willow, Elgar 3 Songs, Sea-Pictures, Chanson de matin & de nuit, Delius Summer Night on the River, On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring, Respighi The Birds
Telephone: 020 8362 9971
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Don Carlos, Rose Theatre Kingston - Kingston-upon-Thames
Tuesday 6 to Saturday 17 November

As part of the Rose’s tenth anniversary season, this is a major new revival of Friedrich Schiller’s thrilling romantic drama starring the excellent Tom Burke (the lead in BBC One’s Strike). Written just two years before the French Revolution and set against the terrifying backdrop of the ruthless Spanish Inquisition, Burke plays Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa, a champion of the oppressed, who questions the monarch’s iron rule when Don Carlos’ father, King Philip II, marries the love of Carlos’ life in order to seal a peace deal. Full of Shakespearean comparisons, the play’s themes include justice, equality, freedom of expression, religious bigotry and state persecution – all just as relevant today as they were then.
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