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This is the modern world

And so sang The Jam almost 40 years ago. Home Automation and working from home more often is the modern world. Now and increasingly in the future these two things will combine to play an important role in saving that precious commodity no one has enough of, namely time. Andrew Peters explores the possibilities.
As we all know technology is in a constant state of flux and of course that includes home technology. It’s moving so quickly and is therefore hard to keep abreast of any changes and advances. It seems as soon as a new product is released companies are planning the next one, two, or three steps ahead.

There’s no denying the benefits advances in technology have provide, life is simply easier and more convenient than it was. Those arduous everyday tasks that used to take out valuable time and effort are now becoming more digitalized and effortless by the day. It’s easy to see these advances as we look around us and home innovations are by no means immune. Here we look at modern examples of how technology is transforming home entertainment, all available at the touch of a button without even stepping out of the front door.

However with all technology it’s perhaps best seen in the flesh. Visiting showrooms to see actual systems in situ, to touch, to listen, to feel and to see how they work is advantageous. Ironically despite the fact technology can buy technology there’s no substitute for physically experiencing something you’re going to live with and enjoy for some time.
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Enhancing the modern home

There’s recently been a huge increase in demand for the latest home entertainment systems and technology. As this market is evolving so quickly, essence asked Cre8tive Rooms to highlight some of the latest trends and products currently available in the Residential Technology Sector.

Where space is at a premium lots of homeowners are converting under used garages, loft spaces or building garden rooms for either a home cinema room, traditional games room or an indoor Sports Simulator.

Sports Simulators, particularly Golf Simulators have had a huge resurgence in popularity as the technology now offers unrivalled similarity to the real thing. It enables you to really improve your game from the comfort of your home. We’ve fitted golf simulators in private homes as either a single screen, or a wraparound three-screen solution. The camera-based system allows a golfer to practice all aspects of their game. Over 200 of the world’s greatest golf courses, including all the British Open venues are also available to be played.

There’s now a wide range of professional sports simulators in the market, from cycling to F1 racing, football, rugby and shooting, for less than you’d think. All of our systems, from home cinema to golf, integrate with other services such as Sky TV, Blu-ray and major games consoles, such as Playstation and Xbox.

The full home cinematic experience
Home Cinema technology is rapidly moving forward and the quality of the viewing experience is incredible. Many new homes will now come with a home cinema as standard. In addition to sound quality, the latest 4K projectors have taken things to a new level and larger viewing screens at less cost per square-inch than traditional screens, have significantly enhanced quality.

Advances in Home Cinema Screen technology come with the development of a black screen option, which delivers amazing aesthetics, ambient light blocking and increased contrast levels due to the black colour. This means the 4k image achieved in a well-lit room, with the curtains open or downlights on, is second to none.

Designing your audio
Many homes nowadays all feature some form of audio solution but this often isn’t given the thought this deserves. When audio is fully designed and considered at the design stage, with the same priority as lighting, a fully immersive sound solution can be achieved. This spreads the sound evenly throughout the house without ‘sound hotspots’. Aesthetics can also be properly considered, with speakers complementing rather than detracting from the overall interior. It’s worth considering especially if you are undertaking any home renovations or an extension.

Control your home with the touch of a button
Smart home technology is another area that has greatly improved recently. Amongst all the products on the market we prefer the Savant Home Automation System. It’s easy to use and provides superb control for the whole home via a single app regardless of location, utilising a mobile phone/iPad or Savant remote. All video and audio is managed by the Savant system, which can also control lighting, heating, CCTV and blinds. It even allows keyless entry, utilising finger print recognition, completely removing the need to carry a front door key.

Cre8tive Rooms keep abreast of the latest technology to maximise the home technology experience. The team of experienced AV engineers, builders and electricians, assure a hassle free, total solution with one point of contact and a full after care service.

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To discuss any technology upgrades to your home contact the Cre8tive Rooms team
Telephone: 01483 688044
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Home study

With the dark evenings and difficult winter driving conditions almost upon us, now’s a good time to consider a home office or study. Even with the smallest space it’s possible to create a bespoke working area as Homewood Furniture’s Interior Designer, Paula Nakhai explains.

A TUC study published earlier this year marking National Work from Home Day, found that the number of home-workers has increased by a fifth over the last decade. But not all have the ideal set up; a kitchen table or sofa might provide a short-term solution, but to be most productive a dedicated work area is a necessity. A beautiful home office can increase productivity and be a really uplifting space.

A spare room can be easily transformed, but before rushing off to the nearest furniture store with a tape measure, have a good think about the option of bespoke furniture. To be efficient it’s important to have an area designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing – a place where you will be happy to spend time and that is conducive to work.

Firstly think storage, as a workspace should be uncluttered with everything having a home. Having a bespoke wall unit with shelves, draws and cabinets is a perfect solution, and will make full use of the wall space. Now the desk, if space allows it’s better positioned with your back to a wall with a full view of the room. Again a made to measure desk will utilise space to the max.

Take advantage of any natural light but guard against glare on the computer screen. Using light colours on walls helps create a calm environment. The beauty of bespoke furniture is being able to choose from the variety of materials and finishes to suit personal décor.

For those without a separate room any area within a room can be transformed into a cosy workspace. Pay attention to wall decorations, place a piece of artwork to inspire and provide a focus away from the screen. Investing in a specially made desk will make the area feel special and personal.

So before settling for the sofa or kitchen table look around to see if a room or area can be a more inspirational workspace. Furniture and space go hand in hand, and it’s amazing what can be achieved with innovative craftsmanship.

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Flexibility and finesse - Set your music free

The collection of Bang & Olufsen wireless speaker systems offers all-in-one command of your digital music, anyway you want and at a level of quality that will let you discover all the details beautiful music has to offer.

Introducing Beosound 1 & 2
These wireless speakers are designed for convenience, crafted for mobility and feature an impressive 360-degree sound performance, and rock-solid aluminium exterior crafted for mobility. Integrated access to Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn, featuring the BeoLink Multiroom Technology connects your Bang & Olufsen products in one wireless system across your home.

About Bang & Olufsen of Guildford
Custom installation
Our experts install the perfect, custom tailored Bang & Olufsen experience in your home. From large-scale home automation to a flawless installation of a newly acquired surround setup, we can accommodate your needs. From initial consultancy to final implementation, the seamless convenience with one touch of your Bang & Olufsen remote is our goal.

The importance of a good setup
Our experienced personnel will help you achieve the perfect marriage of placement, tonality and décor in very little time. For example the precise placement of a BeoLab 18 or 19 within a room will have quite a large effect on performance.

Tailoring larger solutions to your home
Whether it’s creating a home cinema or a BeoLink setup that lets your music follow you from room to room, we’re able to specifically tailor the correct solution to suit you. Our experts will examine a home’s acoustics, routing and electronics to determine the best ways possible to transform your living space.

Trusted third party partners
We only work with premium home automation experts. All are well known brand names. This provides both a solid technical support base and the possibility of integrating virtually all-home automation systems into your Bang & Olufsen setup.

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8A Tunsgate, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3QT
01483 457900